Progress in the Botanical Gardens’ work within the framework of the LIFE+ Tremedal Project (22/11/2014)

The Atlantic Botanical Gardens is taking part in TREMEDAL through its germplasm bank, collecting and conserving the germplasm of plant species associated with wet environments.

The collection campaigns were repeated over 2012, 2013 and 2014, during which time the Atlantic Botanical Gardens (JBA) team has visited 50 wetland areas in Asturias, Leon, Lugo and Navarre. 41 wetland species, including several protected species in Asturias, such as Great sundew (Drosera anglica), Tussock cottongrass (Eriophorum vaginatum) and Marsh arrowgrass (Triglochin palustris), have been collected as part of 128 collection samples.

All these samples are kept in the JBA seed bank and are being used to propagate the species as part of other actions included in the project. In addition to conserving the germplasm, the JBA also performs the germination and cultivation stages for these species.

Most of the laboratory and nursery work has now been completed and the propagation protocols will soon be published on the TREMEDAL website ( Many of the species which have been worked with have been included in the JBA’s own collection and now feature in the Cantabrian Environment peatlands collection and the collection of endangered, rare and endemic plants.

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