LIFE programm

The LIFE Program is a financial instrument of the European Union that aims to provide the support needed to develop and implement policy and legislation in relation to the environment.

The program began in 1992, the January 1, 2007 became known as LIFE + Program, which will run until December 31, 2013.

The projects financed by LIFE + must contribute to the achievement of the specific objectives of its three thematic areas: Nature and Biodiversity, Environmental Policy and Governance and Information and Communication.

The main objective of LIFE + Nature and Biodiversity (to which the TREMEDAL project pertains) is to protect, conserve, and restore the flora and fauna, natural habitats and in general, develop the functioning of the natural systems to stop the loss of biodiversity.

logo-LIFE Among the objectives specific to the program, the implementation of Directives Birds 79/409/EEC and Habitats 92/43/EEC are expected and support the further development and implementation of the Natura 2000 network. In this sense, all the actions proposed in the project are directly related to bog conservation and management of habitats and species of Community interest under the Habitats Directive (1992/43).

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