Life Tremedal

Project TREMEDAL is a LIFE Natura project whose objective is to improve the state of conservation and guarantee the long-term survival of certain types of habitats and species of community interest associated with continental wetlands in the north of the Iberian Peninsula.

To accomplish objective, the following actions will be carried out:
  • Improvement of knowledge, to obtain up to date and homogenous information about the presence, distribution, and characterization of peat bog habitats, and to gather scientific experiences for their optimal management and restoration.
  • Projects for the timely restoration and conservation of those habitats (hydrological and topographical correction methods, eradication of invasive species, installation of livestock management infrastructure).
  • Information and awareness of society about the environmental value and contributions of the continental wetlands provide in general and the peat bog habitats and hygrophilous environments in particular.

Among the different Habitats of Community Interest which are covered by the project certain types of sphagnum acid bogs (HCI 7140, 7130, 7150), calcareous fens (HCI 7210, 7230) and wet meadows and peat lands (HCI 6410, 6510) are emphasized.

Among the species of flora of Community Interest which are covered by the project, Eryngium viviparum, Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. nobilis and Spiranthes aestivalis are emphasized.