The general objective of the project is to improve the state of conservation and the resilience of the types of peat landsand hygrophilous habitats present in the enclaves that make up the TREMEDAL range.

Other more specific objectives are aimed at alleviating the different causes that contribute to the degradation of these habitats:

  • To carry out restorative actions, hydrologic and topographic correction, eradication of invasive species, and installation of livestock management infrastructure.
  • To develop methods to ensure the timely conservation of the habitats and species that are covered by the project. (Eliminating or reducing the intensity of the pressure that they undergo and developing appropriate tools such as the germplasm bank or the drawing upof management guidelines.
  • To provide up to date and homogenized information for the Atlantic Biogeographic Region and the Iberian Peninsula and their transition zones in regard to the presence and distribution, as well as the classification and characterization, of the peat bog habitats.
  • To improve the understanding of how this type of habitats should be managed and restored.
  • To imake society aware of the environmental value and contribution of the continental wetlands in general and the peat land habitats in particular..