Name of the site: Okolin
Protection categories: The site is included in SCI ES 220018 Belate.
Location: Baztan and Anue
Region: Navarre
Coordinate reference: 30TXN1466, 30TXN1566, 30TXN1567, 30TXN1467
Surface area of the wetland: The site has a number of hillside springs in a large area of around 40 hectares.
Altitude: 1,060 – 1,020 m

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The site consists of a set of small mires on the west-facing slopes of Monte Okolin and the southwest slope of Monte Gartzaga.

Two types of spring can be identified at the site: some linked with slate and others with colluvium, the former being slightly larger than the latter.

In these hillside outflows, there are communities of Sphagnum auriculatum and Narthecium ossifragum, with Viola palustris in the brooks. In the larger emergences, there also grow communities of Erica tetralix and Sphagnum papillosum, while communities of Sphagnum auriculatum meet matgrass (Nardus stricta) in the smaller outflows. Atlantic acidophilous grasslands consisting of Agrostis curtisii take up most of the slopes. Areas of Ulex gallii are peppered in amongst these grasslands in the less grazed areas.


This site includes the small peat-forming areas on the slopes of Monte Okolin and Monte Gartzaga.

Biological and ecological values
Although the peat-forming areas at the site are small, they are home to interesting flora. The presence of Nardia compressa and Warnstorfia exannulata is notable, given that they have not been found at other Navarrese sites.

Historical and paleoecological values
Okolin does not possess any unique features worthy of mention in this respect.

Habitats of Community Interest

4030 Brezales secos europeos
6230* Formaciones herbosas con Nardus, con numerosas especies, sobre sustratos silíceos de zonas montañosas (y de zonas submontañosas de la Europa continental)
6410 Prados con molinias sobre sustratos calcáreos, turbosos o arcillo-limónicos (Molinion caeruleae)
7140 «Mires» de transición


Cited findings of Trichophorum caespitosum subsp. germanicum are noteworthy, although the source is relatively old and has not been confirmed since.

48 species of vascular plant and 22 bryophyte species have been recorded, of which the presence of Gymnocolea inflata, Marsupella sphacelata, Nardia compressa, Straminergon stramineum and Warnstorfia exannulata (of which there are very few populations in Navarre) is noteworthy. The presence of five sphagnum species has also been noted.

No specific information regarding the fauna at the Okolin emergences is available.