Name of the site: Mendibil
Protection categories: The site is listed as Protected Non-developable Land due to its Environmental Value, Wetlands, in Navarre’s Land Planning Programme “Atlantic Navarre”.
Location: Zugarramurdi
Region: Navarre
Coordinate reference: 30TXN1790
Surface area of the wetland: 4.4 hectares
Altitude: 520- 524 m

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This site, which is in a good state of conservation, covers an area of 4.4 ha and is home to small mires of less than 100 m2.

The site is home to communities of Hypericum elodes and Potamogeton polygonifolius in its brooks, communities of Sphagnum auriculatum and Narthecium ossifragum in the waterlogged areas on the banks, reed beds with Juncus acutiflorus and Scutellaria minor, and areas of heath consisting of Erica ciliaris.

The presence of the Habitats of Community Interest “6410 Molinia meadows on calcareous, peaty or clayey-silt-laden soils (Molinion caeruleae)” and “7140 Transition mires and quaking bogs” is relevant.


The Mendibil site stands out for the presence of Habitats of Community Interest 6410 and 7140, and vascular plants of interest.

Biological and ecological values
As far as flora is concerned, the presence of Rhynchospora alba is worthy of mention.

Historical and paleoecological values
The peat-forming habitats of Mendibil do not possess significant deposits from a paleoecological point of view.

Habitats of Community Interest

4030 Brezales secos europeos
6230* Formaciones herbosas con Nardus, con numerosas especies, sobre sustratos silíceos de zonas
6410 Prados con molinias sobre sustratos calcáreos, turbosos o arcillo-limónicos (Molinion caeruleae)
7140 «Mires» de transición


49 species (39 vascular plants and 10 bryophytes) have been recorded. Of the flora at Mendibil, the presence of Rhynchospora alba is notable.

Specific information regarding the fauna at the Mendibil mire is not available.