Review of the restoration work performed at the Wetland of Cospeito (20/04/2015)

IBADER have visited the Wetland of Cospeito to check the impact of the LIFE+ TREMEDAL project on the environment. Inventories of the flora found in the different types of habitat where work has been performed have been taken, focusing particularly on the state of the pools in the area of action. The development of the priority species Eryngium viviparum in the pools was monitored and the presence of the protected species Pilularia globulifera and Luronium natans was corroborated. These two species are listed as In Danger of Extinction in the Galician Catalogue of Endangered Species.

The pools established at the Wetland of Cospeito are also home to species of fauna which are of interest from a conservation perspective. Different protected species, such as the frogs Pelophylax perezi (Perez’s frog) and Hyla arborea (European tree frog), and the fish Gasterosteus gymnurus (Western threespine stickleback), were found when the site was visited in April.

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