Recovery of priority habitat 7210* Calcareous fens with Cladium mariscus. Sedge planted in Ollos de Begonte (17/01/2015)

Continuing with the work of the LIFE TREMEDAL project, Ibader technical staff have planted individuals belonging to the species Cladium mariscus in different parts of Ollos de Begonte. The formations of this species constitute the priority habitat Calcareous fens with Cladium mariscus (HCI 7210*), which is targeted for recovery within the framework of the LIFE TREMEDAL project. Formations of this kind are relatively frequent on the Galician coast, but the SCI Parga-Ladra-Támoga is the only inland location in the Galician Natura 2000 network where such a habitat can be found, highlighting the importance of the LIFE TREMEDAL project, one of whose objectives is to recover areas with this type of habitat in the region.

Cladium mariscus

Cladium mariscus

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