Action D.2

D.2. Monitoring the impacts on the species

To check the effective increase of the species covered in action C.1 (Carex hostiana, Rhynchospora fusca (HCI 7150) and Spiranthes aestivalis) in the population nuclei, the following opeations will be performed:
  • Sampling of the popluation density
  • Demographic study
  • Mapping of the area of occupancy
  • Analyis of the companion vegatation.

In the case of action C.7, to check the effective increase in Eryngium viviparum in the population nucelei of the priority species of the enclaves of actions of the SCI Parga-Ladra-Támoga (Laguna de Cospeito and the isle of San Roque) a monthly assessment is proposed throught two replicas made with the following opperations:

  • Continuous recording of climatic parameters (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, humidity, etc..) By using automatic sensors.
  • Characterization of surface water seasonal, monthly recording the main parameters (temperature, pH, conductivity,% oxygen, macro-and micronutrients, heavy metals, chlorophyll, etc..).
  • Monitoring of the components of the photosynthetic apparatus in the plant with PAM technology equipment, analyzing photosynthetic activity in response to environmental changes. Includes quantifying primary production. Population density sampling by selecting samples with repetition.
  • Sampling of population density by sample selection with repetition.
  • Population study, as determined by the age, growth rates, survival, tree, fruiting
  • Characterization and dynamics of phytoplankton communities.
  • Analysis of the accompanying vegetation.