Action A.2

A.2. Technical planification of the restoration actions

The restoration actions of habitats scheduled in section C should be previously described to define the specific details: topographical surveys, dam dimensions, details of canalconstruction, etc

The projects to execute the particular actions of conservation C1 to C9 will be drawn up in this section:

  •  C.1. Restoration, impact prevention and infrastructure creation for the proper management of the complex of bogs and habitats associated with the Atlantic zone of Navarra.
  • C.2*. Restoration of the peat enclaves of the SCI Jaizkibel.
  • C.3. Environmental restoration of the SCI Lake Arreo-Caicedo Yuso.
  • C.4. Restoration, impact prevention and creation of the peat land of Usabelartza.
  • C.5. Infrastructures for a livestock management compatible with the conservation of the habitats of the SCIs Picos de Europa of Asturias and Castile and León.
  • C.6. Improvement of the state of conservation in the continental wetlands of the SCI Parga-Ladra-Támoga: hygrophilous habitats and temporary ponding in Cospeito.
  • C.7. Adjustment of the habitat and population growth of Eryngium viviparum in the SCI Partga-Ladra-Támoga.
  • C.8. Improvement of the state of conservation of the priority habitats (7210*:91E0*) in the SCI Parga-Ladra-Támoga.
  • C.9. Improvement of the state of conservation of the hygrophilous habitats in the Isle of San Roque (SCI Partga-Ladra-Támoga)
  • C.10. Long term collection, storage and conservation of germplasm.

*Drawing up a technical project for the Action C2 has not been considered neccessary due to given that the actions are limited to the entity and there is apropriate understanding of the enclaves selected for action  as they have been monitored for some years..