Issue 40 of the magazine “Conocer Navarra” publishes a report on mires (13/01/2016)

Issue 40 (September 2015) of the tourism magazine “Conocer Navarra” (Know Navarre) contains a 6-page report entitled “Turberas, donde la Biodiversidad convive con la historia” (Mires, where Biodiversity meets history) which explains how mires are formed, their incalculable importance to local wildlife, their significance both socially and to tourism, and their immense value as historical archives brimming with keys to help us understand the evolution of the climate and vegetation. The text also alludes to efforts made in the field of environmental policies over recent years to ensure their recovery, emphasising the major boost which the implementation of the European project Life Tremedal in 2012 represented.

The report ends with a description of 4 trails which pass through Navarrese sites with significant peat deposits: the trails through and around the Belate mire (Ultzama-Baztan), the Linga de Jauregiaroztegi trail (Auritz-Burguete) and the Arxuri mire trail.

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