The newspaper “El Correo” publishes information on the Caicedo Yuso y Arreo Lake (10/01/2016)

A two-page spread published in the newspaper “El Correo” on Sunday the 10th of January 2016 took readers on a tour of the history and natural setting of the Caicedo Yuso y Arreo Lake, known to many as the Lake of Arreo (municipality of Lantarón), the Basque Country’s only natural lake and the backdrop for countless legends. The wetland recently got into the news when the archaeological remains of a village from the Early Middle Ages were discovered in the vicinity.

The Caicedo Yuso y Arreo Lake is one of the wetlands included in the Life Tremedal project and the recovery work performed consisted of creating natural barriers to halt its deterioration. The lake had shrunk by 14% in the fifty-year period prior to the work and its water was in an extremely poor state due to the fertilisers used in farming.

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